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More than Retreats. More than In-Person and Online Classes. Expansion. Growth. Community.

I've been dreaming up a place where we can gather online AND in person to dive deep into ourselves. To find our true nature. To heal. To connect. To SOAR.

My mission is to empower you to discover the divinely blissful nature of your spirit by cultivating a nurturing whole body experience combining movement, sound healing, meditation, and transformational coaching.

And I can't do it alone.

Joining me on this Journey, with this same empowering YOU centered mission is Kalei Phree, (Founder of Phreedom Healing), Paula Burt (Author of The Kings Code), and Jeff McGlone (500eRYT Yoga Professional and Massage Therapist).

This website transcends our Sound Healing & Yoga Retreats with virtual & in person customized:

  • Guided Meditation

  • Yoga Classes

  • Sound Healing

  • Energy & Breath Work

  • Transformational Coaching

  • Self Care Rituals & Routines

  • Nutritious Delicious Recipes

  • Holistic Remedies

Let's grow our community together!

If you feel like sharing, that helps. If you feel like joining us, even better! Connect with Blissful Divinity on Facebook and Blissful Divinity Retreats on Instagram too--lets Expand together.

Do you have a service to provide and want to join us? Email me and let's start a discussion.

Our boutique Miami retreat February 3-9 is full, but if you'd like to be added to our waitlist, let me know!

Blissfully yours,


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