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About Us

About Us

We want to empower you to discover the Elevated nature of your higher self by cultivating nurturing and revitalizing experiences full of connection, sound healing, movement, meditation, and self care.  Our transformative retreats provide a unique experience with individual attention and are tailored to meet you where you are in your journey... but it doesn't end there. Stay involved with continuing Yoga Classes, Corporate Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Coaching, Connection and more. We love, we live, we grow--together.


Core Team

Courtney Leanne

Courtney is a Sound Healer, Yoga Instructor, Retreat Creatrix, Meditation Guide, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, and Social Media Manager for several yoga studios. Her path to sound healing was illuminated while playing her flute and singing bowls at the end of her yoga classes in 2017. She realized how deeply her students could relax and wanted to know why. Courtney delved into the science of sound therapy and vibrational healing and mastered the art of activating the para-sympathetic nervous system in her students and clients. She uses tonal frequencies of gongs, singing bowls, chimes, and Native American Drone Flutes to activate your body’s natural ability to heal and bring you into a state of balance and bliss.

Facilitating transformation retreats is her passion.

Kalei Phree

As founder and CEO of Phreedom Healing, Kalei has been trained to help clients fill in the gap between where they are and where the want to be. She has studied courses on Cognitive behavior, Neuroplasticity and epigenetics in order to understand habits, the art of unlearning, self-awareness/identification and mental programming.  Kalie is a Public speaker, Sound Healer, Yoga Instructor, Entrepreneur, mother to four beautiful kids, caregiver to elderly grandmother. She has touched thousands of lives in Aruba, North Carolina, Washington D.C., Maryland, Delaware, Philadelphia, Texas, South Carolina, and Florida. Kalei is a true inspiration, just being in her presence is soothing to the soul.

Paula Burt

Paula is an international transformational agent, author of Embodying the Kings Code, co-creator of Sailing Activations, and coach who empowers individuals to expand their lives and businesses. Having a 18 year financial planning background, Bachelor's degree in psychology, as well as being a Reiki Master, Access Consciousness facilitator, Yoga instructor, and Shaman, she glens from it all and commands the energy of spaces and bodies to vibrate at a higher level and empowers and teaches others to do the same. Her laugh is infections and her warm personality sets you at ease.


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Elev8 Soundscapes & Blissful Divinity Whole Body Healing Arts

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